Turmgel® is the only world-wide patented mouth-dissolving soft lozenge that contains full spectrum of pure turmeric extract. It is developed with the unique Quicksorb Technology that allows the action of turmeric as it dissolves in the mouth such as arresting foreign invaders present in the oral cavity that can cause various types of illnesses. Turmgel® is AYUSH premium certified product containing that is natural and sugar- free.

Consumption of these soft lozenges – one in the morning and one in the evening - helps to fight well against new and old threats and maintain the family’s wellness.


The ability of our body’s immune system to resist the attack of the foreign invaders us called immunity. This resistance power helps us to protect from various diseases caused by the various such invaders.

Immune system is the body’s defence mechanism against germs and foreign invaders.

The foreign substances such as germs, particulate matters, pollens, mist etc. enter our body through nose, mouth, open wounds of the skin and can disruptions that leads to illnesses. These foreign substances try to invade our body systems and hence the name invaders. In the scientific term, they are called antigen.

Strength of one’s immunity cannot be measured by any diagnostic method. It must be assessed by oneself based on once ability to maintain healthy self. If you are getting cough, cold, flu attacks very often, it is a sign of weak immunity.

When a foreign invader is a germ such as bacteria, virus, the body’s defence mechanism produces specific antibodies against the germs and tries to neutralise them. If antibodies are good in numbers, the germs can be overpowered; but if antibodies are few , germs can multiply, and one gets full blown infection. The ability of the body to produce antibodies quickly and in good numbers is the strength of individual’s immune system.

Immunity is developed throughout our life. It is called adaptive immunity. The body tends to adapt itself to several different invaders and builds resistance power. Very young children fall ill easily because their immunity is still in the developing stage. As we grow, our immune system adapts itself, but, there are several factor that lead to its weakening and therefore, we must work towards maintaining it healthy.

The immune system is an intricate system and there are several interconnections involved in the immune response. All these interconnections must work in harmony and therefore, a good immune system is based on several factors. One of the important factors is what we are born with (innate immunity) and the other is the adaptive immunity that we acquire as we grow. Good nutrition, rest, being stress-free with emotional stability and physical activities such as sports, exercise help is function of the immunity axis.  Use of natural adaptogen reactivates immunity axis for its improved functioning.

Turmeric is a natural immunomodulator and adaptogen that improves the reactivation of the immunity-axis. Its helps balancing the immunity to maintain its resistance power against various foreign invaders.

The buccal route refers to delivery of medicines from the floor of the mouth. There are two types: (a) Placing the medication on the tongue (buccal absorption) (b) Placing the medication below the tongue (sublingual).

Certain medicines get destroyed by the presence of food and enzymes present in our stomachs, resulting in a loss of important medicinal properties. Such medicines then need to be taken in higher dosages which results in diminished health benefits and increased side effects. Therefore, alternate routes of administration that can by-pass the stomach, such as buccal absorption, are used.

Yes, certainly. In fact, there are several products that are delivered through this route. Buccal absorption provides instant relief, as the absorption from mouth cavity is very rapid, provided that the product is developed in a manner that is suitable for buccal absorption.

Buccal mucosa is made up of soft tissues, and is rich in blood supply. This is the reason our mouth cavities are always reddish. Pale mouth cavities signify low levels of red blood cells in the body. When the medicament is placed on the floor of the mouth, the high concentration of the drug immediately mixes with the saliva and gets solubilized. As it dissolves, the high permeability in the mouth allows it to quickly enter the blood stream, through the blood vessels connecting our tongue, delivering the drug into the blood circulation system. As this route bypasses the stomach, almost 100% drug in its active form is delivered, allowing one to reap all the health benefits of the product.

Turmgel is the only product that contains the purest form of whole turmeric extract, delivered in the form of a buccal dissolving lozenge. It is a special formulation developed using Quicksorb Hydrogel Technology. Turmeric is highly hydrophobic and impermeable for its passage through the tiny cells and tissues of our body. The patented Quicksorb Technology renders this product soluble with our saliva, thereby keeping its bioactive ingredients intact, with all its therapeutic activity delivered into the bloodstream instantly. The principle ingredient Curcumin is delivered in the blood at the fastest rate with Turmgel at the lowest dose of 100 milligrams, compared to all the other products available in the market. All other products use high doses of Curcumin in their formulation, as all these products pass through the gut, making the product poorly bioavailable due to the "First-Pass Effect".

The conventional formulations available are capsules containing Curcumin extract with minimum of 475 milligrams per capsule. There are many different variants available. All these products need to be taken with water, and do not bypass the gastric system. A few formulators have added solubilizors and other additives to improve solubility of Curcumin, however, these are not yet devoid of drawbacks such as: Poor absorption & low permeability of Curcumin Rapid metabolism and rapid elimination from the body resulting in poor bioavailability of Curcumin in blood and increased frequency of high daily doses to achieve therapeutic blood levels for health benefits. Potential drug interactions with concomitant medicines, as all other concomitant medicines pass through the same route. Major reported side- effects with oral Curcumin products such as gastric irritation leading to treatment withdrawal.