“I woke up one day with a terrible throat infection and was of course advised to take haldi doodh. I have been having haldi doodh for over 4 decades and every time I suffered an overpowering taste of turmeric. That day I decided that I am going to do something about it and went straight to the R&D lab and made Turmeric Lozenges and to my surprise by the next day I had completely recovered and the lozenges were very pleasant to taste. When I went deeper, I realized that this is a herb which should be consumed by everyone on a daily basis. My aim was to make a pleasant tasting product, which could be consumed multiple times a day by a child and an adult and that’s what started the journey of Turmgel.

I filed for a patent which has been granted worldwide and I went further ahead and proved clinically that it bypasses the stomach and the liver and it gets absorbed in the blood stream directly from the mouth in its bioactive form thus preserving the goodness of turmeric found in nature.”

- Jatin Thakkar, Founder of Turmgel


“Each home has relied on me for delicious recipes for many years. Haldi has been a part of many of them, as well as my personal routine to maintain my health. But when I tasted Turmgel and felt its impact on my wellness, there was no turning back. It helped me fight infections, and maintain my strength. I’m excited to keep developing tastier and healthier recipes with Turmgel.”

- Chef Sanjeev Kapoor